Meritocracy Italy: fifth congress concluded, forward with active citizenship

The fifth concluded this morning National Congress of Meritocracy Italy. During the national management, the main positions that emerged from the debate were taken stock, which will be used to define next year’s operational program. The Movement’s leadership from every region of Italy discussed the issues extensively, with an absolute novelty regarding communication: lhe digital platform MI will be enriched by the presence of ‘Ludo’, a virtual AI collaborator with the ability to answer every question on the nature and thought of movement. Interesting, among many, is the intervention of the association Infoprisonwhich was able to present the virtuous initiatives carried out in the prison sector, from education to legality to the creation of a publishing house currently accredited by numerous bodies.

With the approval of the Motions presented by the MI Ministries, the Movement’s commitment toregulatory proposition and in-depth analysis activities. The lines of communication with the territories are also strengthened. It was presented on new training program of the political schoolCreate”, which, after the large response of the previous year, will open registrations starting next week, with the involvement of all those who intend to acquire skills in the field of politics and administration and speakers of authoritative caliber.

At the end of the work, Meritocracy confirms, with even greater conviction, its commitment to continuing the work of active citizenship already started, considering that there is a large part of the population who does not feel represented or does not want to be involved, even with the promotion of a reform of the electoral law, in one of other associations or political movements, so as to overcome the critical issues of the current legislative formulation, for the benefit of a new law that guarantees the effective representation, governability and stability of citizens’ expression of vote.

It will continue with conviction in the battle for the adoption of the TU to bring order to the regulation of the relationship between the manager of social platforms and users, as well as in the prudent management and use of digital infrastructures of predictive justice, in order to prevent uncontrolled and/or distorted algorithms supporting the public decision-maker end up “directing” their decisions, to the detriment of the function of impartiality, impartiality and effective justice, as a priority and mandatory function sanctioned by our Constitutional Charter.

“Meritocracy is committed to guaranteeing active citizenship on a daily basis and will continue to work for the involvement of ordinary people who care about building a better state, without personalism and egocentrism, overcoming the anomalous propensity to engage in politics only if one is a candidate”. These are the conclusions of President Walter Mauriello“who express all the satisfaction for the good outcome of an event which has only given the Movement confirmation of the goodness of the work done so far and the correctness of the path undertaken. Stop war.