Meritocracy Italy, Mauriello: “I’d have a coffee with Di Battista”

“I would have a coffee with everyone, even with Di Battista. Meritocracy listens to everyone, including Di Battista, because anyone who wants to give birth to initiatives to involve the people in government activity is in any case welcomed”. This was stated by the national president of Meritocrazia Italia Walter Mauriello, interviewed by Attilio Romita during the National Directorate of Meritocrazia Italia (Mi) dedicated to water resources in Verona, noting however that “one aspect is different: Meritocracy embraces the idea of ​​the people in government However, through a path of specific skills. One is worth one, not at the beginning but as an objective. I would like many organizations to be able to create strong ruling classes together. A path can be done together and alone. But no one can be the architect of change if alone. It is the people who work and push that must be part of the active government of our country “.

Then Mauriello added: “Meritocracy will certainly have its own place within the electoral landscape but will work to make it possible to pass through the work of the parliamentary groups and the future parliament what for Italy today is oxygen and water”.