Meritocracy Italy, Patrizio: “European elections and electoral law are the main themes of our V Congress”

“We encourage participation and dialogue to arrive at win-win solutions for all”

“It is our fifth National Congress, a moment that we particularly feel from an association that has rapidly established itself on the national scene thanks to the aggregation and attractive force of its project of calling active citizens to arms. That is, a rallying call for all those who want to participate, proposing solutions always in favor of the country and never against it. Today we discuss issues that are particularly relevant such as AI. From the relationship between artificial politics and artificial intelligence”. Thus Paolo Patrizio, Chief of Staff of Meritocracy Italy, on the sidelines of the 5th National Congress “Meritcracy Italy” underway at the Teatro Manzoni in Rome.

“In the sense that the phenomena that are linked to the diffusion of technologies must necessarily lead us to pose important objectives but also questions that must act as a guide for all our actions. Asking ourselves today about the risks of AI and the advantages will allow us to guide this phenomenon and not suffer it. At the same time there is the problem of Europe, of Italy’s role in the European context, especially in view of the next elections. There is the problem linked to the electoral law, a law that penalizes and distances the citizen from politics, not allowing the choice of preference. We try to change this way of doing things and above all to raise public awareness and to get political forces to dialogue to arrive at a synthesis that benefits the whole community”, concludes Patrizio.