Meritocracy Italy, Pecoraro Scanio: “Electoral laws must bring citizens closer to politics”

“We need to introduce postal and digital voting”

“All citizens who move with the passion to renew and add proposals to compete, as art 49 of the constitution says, to build national politics deserve great attention. Especially at this time when the data from the latest elections tell us that citizens are no longer participating. Politics is not artificial but has evaporated. This is a serious topic that must be grasped”. Thus the former Minister of Agriculture Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio on the sidelines of the 5th National Congress “Meritcracy Italy” underway at the Manzoni Theater in Rome.

“I want to relaunch a theme that I consider fundamental: electoral laws must bring citizens closer to politics. The current electoral law in force in the Italian parliament which from the Porcellum to the Rosatellum has ensured that citizens disgust the political class must be abolished and it is not a good result. Secondly, we must change the way we go to vote, we must introduce voting by post, we must allow digital voting. It is not possible that in this historical era, where we can also transfer money digitally to go and vote complex procedures are needed that distance citizens from the institutions”, concludes Pecoraro Scanio.