Mes, EU pressing for ratification and Calenda insists: “It must be used”

The leader of Action: “In 2023, healthcare will blow up, so people will take to the streets to protest”

The plans are different. Even if they are often instrumentally superimposed. One thing is the ratification of the Meswhich belongs to Parliament and which serves to make the mechanism effective because without Italy’s green light it cannot work, another thing is access the month and use the resources it makes available, accepting the conditions.

On the first level, that of ratification, the pressure of the European institutions is being strengthened on the Meloni government. Speaking today was, in particular, the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni. Italy, he said, “is very free to use or not to use this fund and I respect the position of the Prime Minister who has declared that she does not want to use it”. Then, however, Gentiloni observed, “there is another issue”, namely “a revision of the statute of this fund with which Italy agreed a couple of years ago and I think that ratifying this modified statute is partly because pacta sunt servanda and partly because it does not in the least imply the fact that one then decides to use it”.

Words that help to clarify even with respect to the position expressed by the same premier, Giorgia Meloni. “As long as I count for something, that Italy does not access the Mes I can sign it with blood”. Here too, it is difficult to be clearer and clearer. But this statement can also be read as a guarantee with respect to the fact that any ratification would not commit Italy in an absolute way to using the instrument. For this reason, it can be the premise that accompanies a ratification as a ‘due act’ that allows keeping the distance on the merits firm. “But we wonder why the Mes has never been used by anyone? Because the conditionalities are too stringent and because the Mes is a privileged creditor, that is, in the event of difficulty, it is the first to be repaid. So I would like to understand if there is it is a way for the Mes to be a useful fund and that does not risk putting a noose on it”. These words from the premier may open up a discussion to be held in Brussels for a further reform of the Mes instrument.

In the meantime, however, there are those who insist with equal force in maintaining that the Mes should be used, even as it is. “The Mes is fundamental. We will show Meloni a detailed plan on how to eliminate waiting lists with an extraordinary intervention using the Mes”, he relaunched the leader of Action Carlo Calendaalso adding a little background: “I sent Meloni a whatsapp, look, 2023 is the year in which Healthcare blows up. She wrote to me, I know, but… I told her, you have to do this otherwise the families, rightly so, will go to the streets to protest”.