Mes, Meloni: “Open discussion, no one uses it because it is a scarlet letter”

On Pnrr “we will spend all the money and in the best way”

On the Mes Giorgia Meloni does not retreatand, on the eve of a Eurogroup that intends to ask Italy what it wants to do about ratification, insists once again that modifies a tool that, when used, “becomes a scarlet letter”. On the Mes, he says in conversation with reporters upon returning to the hotel in London, where he is on a mission, “I want to open another discussion, I’m opening another discussion. In terms of backstops, I must point out that it is as if Mes were the Court of Cassation; first and second level of judgment are the European rules on the subject of the banking system and it is not that we keep them firm. I think – he goes on – that questions arise that must be raised in the right measure. Second point, regardless of the topic ratification, we are aware, at a time when we all need resources, that the Mes is the instrument that no one would use and it therefore makes sense to keep tens, hundreds of billions stuck in an instrument that no one uses because unfortunately, as it has evolved, it is a kind of scarlet letter when the same resources could be used more effectively? It’s a debate that I believe should be done with equanimity”.

In addition “we cannot talk about one thing and not about the overall picture, that is, what are the rules of European governance? I believe that we must start from the beginning and not from the end, you know how I feel about the Mes and I have not changed idea and above all – he adds – it seems to me that it is a micro-question in the overall theme we are dealing with”.

EUROPE – On a mission to London also to convince the markets of the sustainability of the Italian debt? “I don’t think we need to reassure the markets with words, I think we need to reassure investors, because we need those who invest in Italy and buy our government bonds, with deeds and we have done this and will continue to do so “. “The facts say that the fundamentals of the Italian economy are better than those of nations considered even in the EU more solid than ours. The facts say that today the British premier Rishi Sunak thanked me for this, because we guarantee stability in a moment of instability general”.

PNRR – The Pnrr “is fundamental”, but “I have seen some confusion: I want it to be clear once again that we will spend all the money from the Pnrr and that the work we are doing is determined to spend those resources in the best possible way ways”. “The problem we have posed – he remarks – is that on some issues the resources risked not being spent in time or not on the right things. Our goal is to use those resources and we will do so, even using substitute powers, by designing for those changes that a Pnrr is needed that can be spent on time and on the priorities that are necessary for us. But it is not a fact that should be told as an element of weakness, if anything as a strength: we are determined to do it better, in the best possible way. But today projects are being contested that I didn’t include, I agree with what the commission says” for example on stadiums but “it’s not up to this government we are solving it and we want to do it with strength and determination. It is important that those with responsibilities in Italy understand how important and delicate it is, we are making this an absolute priority”.