Mesina, Tazenda arrested: “He has the charm of a rock star, but he made a mistake and it is right that he pays”

“His story has always had an appeal but he has chosen another path and these are the fruits”

The arrest of Graziano Mesina? “There are two ways of seeing things: one is that of gossip, of legend, of myth, the other is concrete news, that of a human being who has committed things outside the law. Even with all the sympathy that he left behind, Mesina he is a man who made a mistake and it is right that he pays and settle his account with justice, otherwise we will have the world full of ‘nice criminals’ “.arrest of Graziano Mesina is the Sardinian band of Tazenda, who analyzes the figure of the former red primrose of Sardinian banditry in the aftermath of his sensational arrest after a year and a half on the run.

The Sardinian group dedicated, in 2003, a song to Graziano Mesina. This is ‘Bandidos’, which tells of Mesina’s daring escape, in 1966, from the prison of San Sebastiano together with his young fellow prisoner Miguel Atienza, deserter from the Foreign Legion. “If he had been a rock star he would surely have had the charm to communicate with the public – say the Tazenda – But in life he chose another path and the fruits are these, and now he will pay as it should be “. For the well-known island band” he remains a character who has managed to fascinate with his story in some way, and the appeal that the narration has on him is undeniable. had on people “.

Dei Tazenda was released yesterday on radio and digitally ‘Gold and crystal’, the new single in collaboration with the Sardinian tenor Matteo Desole, extracted from the latest album ‘Antìstasis’, which the band describes with two eloquent adjectives. “One is Freedom – they explain – the very one that Mesina, alas, has lost. This is because Tazenda have, in their career, chosen to mix musical genres, with this pop rock base that we really like. And the other Love, because the song is a love song ‘without a sender and without a recipient’, as Battiato said of his ‘La Cura’ “.

It is as if “love had a life of its own, of its own energy – they explain – and enjoyed falling in love with itself using people’s masks. Love must remain unsolved, because perhaps it should only be lived and not understood”. The Tazenda, who performed live last night in Lanusei, will be in concert tonight at 9 pm at the Auditorium of the Cagliari Conservatory. “The theater is a receptacle of what the energy of music produces – they assure – The concert is truly an almost familiar encounter with the audience. For us it is like returning from a journey and telling your family what you experienced, in front of an audience eager to listen “.