Messina bridge, Berlusconi: “Indispensable, construction sites soon”

“Government only at the beginning but already marked a turning point in the country”

“We have created the conditions to build a great work that we consider indispensable, the bridge over the Strait of Messina, which was then stopped by the governments of the left. Today, however, everyone has finally convinced themselves of the goodness of our project. We will finally open the construction sites in the coming months”. Thus, in a video message posted on his social channels, the leader of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi.

“We are only at the beginning of our government but we have already made a change in the country. We are already at work, I am doing it personally: I am writing a law that further simplifies the granting of authorizations to build or to open a business, the famous preventive authorizations”, said the Knight again.

And again: “As we promised, a new procurement code was written among the first acts of this government. With the new text, according to our forecasts, more than 80% of the tenders currently in place could have been faster” .

“Our centre-right governments have certainly made Italy more modern and efficient – he then stated – To the ideological environmentalism of the left, to the unfortunate degrowth proposals of the 5 Star Movement, which wanted an Italy without any more industry, we responded with projects and works that today allow our citizens to travel comfortably and quickly from one part of the country to another, to millions of tourists to visit our country every year, to our companies to transport and deliver their products in a few hours” .

“We have built the Mose, a futuristic work that even in these hours has once again saved Venice from high water, from damage that would have been enormous and very costly”, claimed the former prime minister, adding: “Without public works there is no there may be development”.