Messina Denaro died today, the cousin: “Social condolence messages? It’s atrocious”

Giuseppe Cimarosa to Adnkronos: “He spent too little time in prison”

Matteo Messina Dead money today? “What regrets me, and I say this not out of revenge but out of justice, is that he spent so little time in prison. He died too soon, he should have served his sentence longer, hoping that, by examining his conscience , for once did the right thing: start collaborating with the justice system. This is what I regret the most.” According to Adnkronos, after the boss’s death in L’Aquila hospital on the night, it is Giuseppe Cimarosa, cousin of the former Scarlet Pimpernel (her mother Rosa Filardo is the mafia boss’s first cousin), who for years has made a different life choice, denying that environment and severing any relationship with the godfather’s family.

Cimarosa, who remained living in the town of the Trapani fiefdom of Messina Denaro, learned to “live with fear”. “I’ve always had it and I always will have it, but I’ve learned to manage it”, says Giuseppe who today is a registrar and owner of a riding school. After the news of the Castelvetrano mafia boss, however, hundreds of messages of condolence to the family appeared on social media. “I am dismayed. Seeing how many messages of condolence and closeness to the family have arrived from my fellow citizens and not only, ordinary people, shocks me. There are many, too many. I am very demoralized. They are terrible messages, even more so because it is not of the boss’s peers, many are boys. Even younger than me. It’s atrocious.”