Messina Denaro, Feltri increases: “Pimpernel primrose? He went shopping…”

The editorial director of ‘Libero’ insists: “If one has killed hundreds of people and lives in a town of 13,000 inhabitants and nobody finds him, is there a reason or not?”

“Mine was a question… what do they want from me, I can’t even ask a question?“. Vittorio Feltri, reached by telephone from Adnkronos, thus dismisses the criticisms that have rained down on him for the tweet about the Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro: “But are we sure he’s a murderer?”, asks the editorial director of ‘Libero’ on the social network, before being overwhelmed by negative comments. Including that of Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left, who ironically complimented Giorgia Meloni on Feltri’s choice as Fdi leaders in the Lombardy regional elections.

However, the former director of ‘Il Giornale’ goes further: “This gentleman lived there, in that village, and no one noticed? Don’t make me laugh. One lives for I don’t know how many years in a town of 13-14 thousand inhabitants, that it’s a small district of Milan and nobody notices it… It’s not normal”. “My question isn’t so foolish. And then – insists Feltri – it’s a question, one can not even ask a question? So you’re idiots or you’re not capable of doing your job”. Do you think that the citizens of Campobello di Mazara protected Messina Denaro’s fugitive? “Naturally the Sicilians live in their environment and adapt to the environment where they live, there is no they have to be blamed but the fact remains that this f… of Messina Denaro had been in this village for years, went to the supermarket and no one noticed and what should I do, applaud?”.

The Meloni government, however, boasted of the arrest of the super fugitive… “I am in favor of this government, I am a friend of Meloni, I am not angry with this government but with the previous ones that have never taken it I feel like I live in another world. But what scarlet primrose, lived in the village…“, continues Feltri. The center-left candidate for Pirellone, Pierfrancesco Majorino, says that his tweet is “unworthy” and asks the Brothers of Italy to withdraw his candidacy for the Lombardy regional elections: “I don’t give a c … Majorino says what he wants, I too will be free to say it. I want someone to contest me with some slightly more serious argument”. However, Messina Denaro is weighed down by definitive sentences that recognize him as the instigator and material executor of dozens and dozens of crimes…”If one has killed hundreds of people and lives in a town of 13,000 inhabitants and no one finds him, is there a reason or not? Mine – comments Feltri – was a rhetorical question”.