Messina Denaro, former Bonafede school principal: “Woman with a double face”

The manager: “In the classroom he caressed the children, outside he met an executioner. Traumatized, never an alarm bell and only appreciation from the parents”

“None of us could imagine what is emerging. The whole school – and it’s me first – she’s in shock, traumatized from everything that came out. It is good that the judiciary goes all the way to bring out the whole truth”. Anna Vania Stallonemanager of theCapuana-Pardo Comprehensive Institute of Castelvetrano (Trapani), the school where she taught, before being suspended, Laura Bonafedearrested today by the Carabinieri del Ros for aiding and abetting and procured non-compliance with the sentence in the context of the investigation into the supporters of the former scarlet primrose, Matthew Messina Money. According to the investigating judge Alfredo Montalto who signed the precautionary custody order, the teacher, daughter of the boss Leonardo Bonafede, would have been romantically linked to the former fugitive arrested last January. A relationship that would emerge from the numerous letters found and analyzed by the investigators.

“None of us could even remotely imagine implications of this type – says the principal -. Until the video was released in recent weeks in which Mrs. Bonafede met Messina Denaro at the supermarket, for us she was a teacher who did her own duty, worked with the children, followed the programming, adapted to the vertical curriculum on legality. I immediately suspended her, has never set foot in my school again”. However, the bewilderment remains for what the investigations are bringing to light. Especially among the colleagues who shared the same complex with Laura Bonafede, the Catullo, a branch of the institute where there are only kindergarten sections.” Some colleagues said to me: ‘But who did we have in class? Who did we meet?’ Questions we’ve all asked ourselves. The Lady Bonafede is a person with a double face – continues the head teacher -. Inside the school he did his duty, caressed the children, fed them at canteen and outside he met an executioner “.

Not even the cumbersome surname had ever given rise to suspicion. “No reports, neither from colleagues nor from parents, from which I have received only appreciation. They said to me: ‘How good is the teacher Laura’. Really we are all stunned. If there had been even the slightest alarm bell, I would have immediately intervened. I don’t let anything go by”, says Stallone, who arrived at the Capuana-Pardo comprehensive school in Castelvetrano in 2014. Bonafede was already in service. Since 2011. “I rarely met her – the head teacher now recalls – only for boarding schools and when he came to the office to ask for a few days off. But my school is made up of nine locations, I don’t meet each of the teachers every day”.

On May 5, the school will receive an award in Rome. “We won the national competition promoted by the Ministry of Education and the Senate entitled ‘witnesses to rights’. The school has invested and continues to invest a lot in legality. This is demonstrated by the many projects completed in recent years and those scheduled for the next days. We have always been committed to educating young people to respect the law. If only there had been an alarm bell, I would have intervened immediately. Immediately”, he concludes.