Messina Denaro, Gasparri: ‘Saviano hostile to life imprisonment but he is not paramafia’

“I recommend reading Ciro Perna, who will reduce his reputation”

“Comment on what he says Saviano it is absolutely useless and superfluous. His opinions are irrelevant to me. He also seemed hostile to life imprisonment. If one of us had said so, they would have defined us as para-mafiosi; if he says so it’s fine”. Thus Maurizio Gasparrisenator Fi and vice president of the Senate, replied to Adnkronos on what Roberto Saviano said in an interview in the newspaper La Stampa who, he defines the Meloni government “… the least anti-mafia in our history….”.

“I don’t worry about what Saviano says – continues Senator Fi after referring to what the writer said about the life sentence (for Saviano “…it contradicts the very vocation of the Constitution…”) – and I advise you to read the books of Cyrus Perna who said definitive words about Saviano. He is not known but when he is – he concludes – Saviano will be very, very reduced in his reputation “. (Roberta Lanzara)