Messina Denaro, his ‘testament’ in the pizzerias in Provenzano – The pdf

In ten messages sent between 2003 and 2006, greetings to bosses and business management: “I was born like this and I will die like this”. Another search is underway in Campobello di Mazara

“I belong to her, as it has always been, I always have a way that is yours, I was born this way and I will die this way, that’s a certainty”. The respects and the “brotherhood”, with the typical language of the mafia, in which “respect for the rules” is in force. And then the awareness of belonging to a world in which “there is no happiness”. Come on pizzas
(read) written between 2003 and 2006 by Matteo Messina Denaro and found in Bernardo Provenzano’s hideout, the ‘profile’ of the boss captured last week emerges after more than 30 years on the run. About ten messages that Adnkronos has lined up and which, in addition to having contributed to the investigations of recent years, outline the figure of the Castelvetrano massacre.

Messina Denaro, the pizzino in Provenzano – The pdf

“Money isn’t everything” because “one can be a man without a lira and one can be full of money and be mud” writes Messina Denaro in one of the pizzini signing himself “his nephew Alessio”. On the opposite front, the investigations by the judiciary and the forces of order are trying to make scorched earth around the ‘Cosa Nostra’. “Unfortunately I can’t help you because at the moment we no longer have anyone in Marsala, they’re all inside, even the replacements and replacements of replacements” explains the boss in a message to ‘Uncle Bernardo’, wanted for 40 years and captured on April 11 2006 in a farmhouse in Montagna dei Cavalli near Corleone after the investigations of the investigators led by Renato Cortese, then head of the Capturandi Section of the Palermo Flying Squad and by the magistrates Michele Prestipino, Marzia Sabella and Giuseppe Pignatone.

Provenzano, with already a dozen life sentences on his shoulders, considered instigator of the most atrocious massacres, from that of Capaci to that of via d’Amelio, in 1992, in which the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino lost their lives, and of the attacks ‘ politicians’ of ’93, with the car bombs in Florence, Rome and Milan, is found in a refuge, furnished in a spartan way, in which there is also a typewriter with which he wrote his pizzini.

Words like “honesty” and “understanding” can be read by scrolling through the messages exchanged between the perpetrators, words that sound grotesque in the face of the murders committed, including that of little Giuseppe di Matteo, the son of the pentito strangled and dissolved in acid after almost two years of captivity. And then best wishes a few weeks before Christmas and a few months after Provenzano’s capture, to whom Messina Denaro addresses this way: “I hope that for you and your loved ones it will be a better new year”.

For Messina Denaro, ‘uncle Bernardo’ is “the guarantor of everyone and everything” who works “for harmony and peace for all of us” and for this he begins to write to him, to explain a ‘personal’ problem that had arisen between a man close to him – “my villager” in pizzini, or the king of supermarkets – who had received requests for protection money from another mobster. “I sincerely thank you that you are taking an interest in this problem of mine” writes Messina Denaro closing all the pizzini expressing his closeness and friendship for Provenzano: “You are always in my heart and in my thoughts, if you need something from me it goes without saying that I am at your complete disposal and always will be. Please always be very careful, I love you too much”.

PROVENZANO ‘GUARANTEE OF ALL’ – “I turn to you as guarantor of everyone and everything”: it is a complete devotion to ‘uncle Bernardo’ that emerges from the dozen pizzini written by Matteo Messina Denaro and found in the Provenzano hideout on the day of his capture, the April 11, 2006, in a farmhouse in Corleone, in the province of Palermo.

“His contacts are the only ones that suit me, that is, I don’t recognize anyone else, whoever is his friend is and will be my friend, whoever is not his friend – underlines the mafia boss – not only is not my friend but will be a my enemy, of that there is no doubt.”‘ And then the respect and reverence for the boss, which is always highlighted: “I sincerely thank you that you are taking an interest in my problem and I thank you for working towards harmony and peace for all of us”.

In a pizzino, Matteo Messina Denaro then expresses his whole way of thinking, speaking of his past to underline the long spent in ‘Cosa Nostra’: ‘‘I know the rules and I respect them, the proof that I know the rules and that I am respecting them lies precisely in the fact that I am turning to you to fix this unpleasant affair, this for me is respecting the rules. There was a time when I cleaned many corners in Ag, I did it because it was ordered to me by those who were higher up than me, and you know who I’m talking about and I also did it because it was right and necessary to help them, I’m talking about 83 onwards, I was told to arrange for them what they needed and over the years I always made myself available for everything they needed, he will understand that by repeatedly living certain experiences a feeling of brotherhood is established beyond a friendship well, even in those years of brotherhood I never allowed myself to say one more word to Ag, that is, I always remained within the limits of friend and brother. Now of everyone I was brotherly with in Ag, there isn’t even one around anymore, they’re all in, whoever is there now I don’t know them and I realize they know nothing of the past, just imagine if I’m going to say more words to Ag’s friends than now”.

Closing the pizzino, Messina Denaro expresses all his ‘love’ for the boss: ”I know you don’t need any recommendations because you are our master but it is my heart that speaks and I ask you to always be very careful, the I love very much”. And again, in a pizzino dated February 1, 2004, he states: ”For my part, I have always found myself more than comfortable with her because I have always found honesty, seriousness and understanding”. With Christmas approaching, in 2005, Messina Denaro sent his best wishes to ‘Uncle Bernardo’, with words that are those of a mafia boss who had already been on the run for over ten years: ”Soon it will be Holy Christmas and I hope that you and your dear ones can you spend it at least with serenity, I don’t say in a happy way because for us there is no happiness. But in a serene way and I wish it from the bottom of my heart, just as I hope that for her and her affections it will be a better new year. Know that you are always in my heart and in my thoughts, if you need something from me, tell me about it without any problem because it goes without saying that I am completely at your disposal and I always will be. Please always be very careful, I love you too much” he concludes by signing the pizzino ”his nephew Alessio”.

NEW SEARCH – In the meantime, another search is underway in Campobello di Mazara as part of the investigation into the boss’ supporters. The house being searched is located in via San Giovanni.