Messina Denaro, in the pizzini in Provenzano the ‘business’ of the boss

Messages written between 2003 and 2006

From supermarkets to petrol, these were just some of the ‘businesses’ aimed at by boss Matteo Messina Denaro. A very profitable business that interested the boss, as emerges from the pizzini written between 2003 and 2006 found in Bernardo Provenzano’s hideout. About ten messages that Adnkronos has lined up and which, in addition to having contributed to the investigations of recent years, outline the figure of the Castelvetrano massacre.

The first question concerned a villager from Messina Denaro who obtained the management of some supermarkets, who however had some debts with other mafiosi and who received requests for protection money. ”I’ll now tell you my problem that I have in the Ag area there is a person from Castelvetrano who has the concession for supermarkets” Messina Denaro explains to ‘uncle Bernardo’. Aware of the ‘complicated’ situation, Messina Denaro made his proposal to resolve the issue. ”So my villager has several points of sale in different countries, now you have to establish a total amount for the year that my villager must give for each point of sale, then add up the total amount that you have decided, so you can see how much every year my villager has to leave, only that we deduct the money every year from the money that CPZ owes us, until we cancel all the debt he owes us. Everything is amortized with the protection money that my villager has to pay until the debt is exhausted. However, this proposal of mine has some clauses – warns Messina Denaro – which I want respected, in the sense that there is no room for negotiation: either they accept or they don’t accept my proposal as it is, if they think about making changes my proposal already expires and it is no longer valid”.

From the message written to Provenzano, we also discover some ‘rules’ that are in force in the mafia and which shed light on the ‘pizzo’ system. ”Given that my villager will now pay protection money for each point of sale, he is released from any obligation of favoritism, i.e. the points of sale belong to my villager and in addition to managing them he makes whoever he wants work for him – underlines Messina Denaro – D’ on the other hand – he explains – it is always the rule that whoever pays the protection money has nothing left to give, therefore no more jobs, they will only pay the protection money”.

Supermarkets but not only. The boss of Castelvetrano captured last week also wanted to get his hands on petrol, with a project already in an advanced stage, according to what he writes in the pizzino, aware however that it was a business that was tempting for many, and for this he needed the mediation of Provenzano. ”As regards petrol with all its annexes, it is quite a big thing and it has been talked about a lot, certainly there is that it must fall within the territory of Alcamo and the precise point is already known – wrote Messina Denaro – About A lot of people orbit this thing because anyone wants to grab the deal and everyone has their own political faction, up to now I have been watching, letting them slaughter each other” but once the decision has been made, warns the boss, ”I will so that all the vultures circling this affair retreat”.