Messina Denaro, La Russa: “Victory for the state but don’t let your guard down”

The president of the Senate: “Identify who made this long absence possible. Negotiation? Attempt to belittle”

“You can never consider the mafia beaten”, the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro “is a victory for the statea resounding success but it is not the closing of a circle, you can’t let your guard down“. Thus the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, on Controcorrente on Rete4.

“The mafia fugitives – underlines La Russa – hide in their environment, they can only swim in their own water where they have cover, friendships, silence. Giorgia Meloni was right to say that now we have to identify who made such a long inaction possible. Also to give a signal because they have been created for too long belts of complicity around mafia fugitives“.

La Russa therefore rejects any hypothesis that there was one negotiation to capture the boss. “Where is the negotiation? Someone instead of being happy with this success of the state tries to belittle it. Even just thinking” that there was a negotiation “is perhaps the attempt of certain anti-mafia professionals who risk being left with less work”.

Wiretaps – As for the role of interceptions, La Russa underlines how “today there was a compact applause for Nordio from all the centre-right and a large part of the opposition, starting with the 5 Stars. I am happy that Nordio said that interceptions ” on the mafia investigations “are absolutely necessary”.

Dear fuel – Speaking instead of expensive fuel and the Meloni government’s choice not to extend the cut in excise duties, he reiterated how the resources “have been diverted to help the weakest. I believe – he affirms – that the Italians don’t let themselves be too upset”.

Senate presidency – As for his institutional role and his political positions, La Russa recalls that “President Grasso founded Liberi e Eguali as president of the Senate. Bertinotti was also president of the European Left party while he was president of the Chamber. And then There is also my friend Gianfranco Fini who founded his party as president of the Chamber… So what is La Russa’s problem? … I don’t do what I’ve always done, but whoever wants to wipe out my political activity – reiterates the second office of the state – is wrong, I won’t let myself be intimidated. It’s not because I’m on the right I have to be treated like a son of a lesser god”.