Messina Denaro, lawyer Li Gotti who defended repentance: “He’s worried about illness, I don’t think he will cooperate”

“Probably today what worries Messina Denaro most is illness”, an element that could have affected his capture together with the weakening of the supporters’ network given that the operations of recent years have undoubtedly made scorched earth around him and, with over 100 arrests, the network has weakened”. The lawyer says so to Adnkronos Louis Li Gottihistorical lawyer of the pentiti di cosa nostra from Tommaso Buscetta to Giovanni Brusca, commenting on the arrest of the boss Matteo Messina Denaro, a fugitive for 30 years.

“It is an arrest of great importance – underlines Li Gotti – he was not the head of the Cosa Nostra, but the representative of a very important province therefore, undoubtedly, he was one of the closest allies of the Corleonesi, the massacre mafia. He participated in the entire massacre period of the Cosa Nostra”. Regarding what someone has renamed the ‘prophecy of Baiardo’ or the shocking revelations of Salvatore Baiardo, who spoke to Massimo Giletti for ‘Fantasmi di mafia’, on La7, in recent months about the possible arrest of Denaro, Li Gotti observes: ” Baiardo’s was not foresight, he had knowledge, he had elements: he said too many things to think it was a foresight, evidently he was aware of his serious illness”.

Another aspect that “surprises is how the widespread sketch of Messina Denaro was very responsive; our police forces are able to do a very appreciable scientific job”. Will Messina Denaro collaborate? “It’s very difficult to say – replies Li Gotti – I think Messina Denaro’s concern is health, I don’t think he can make this decision. His main objective will be another one, not to collaborate”.