Messina Denaro, Maria Falcone on audio shock: “I felt disgust”

“I felt a deep disgust. Obviously it’s nothing new for me: I know what kind of bloody criminal we’re talking about, but I won’t deny that the tone full of violence he used made me very uneasy”. Thus Maria Falcone, sister of Giovanni, the magistrate assassinated by Cosa Nostra 30 years ago, commenting in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’, the audio shocks of Matteo Messina Denaro referring to the memory of the Capaci massacre. “Overcoming the annoyance, however, I made a consideration: the king is now finally naked. Let me explain: for weeks Messina Denaro, in various media, was portrayed as a provincial Latin lover and not as the mass murderer he is. I also read that many ran to buy jackets similar to the ones he was wearing on the day of his arrest, as if to consider him a character to be emulated. Well, I hope that this horrible audio will serve to remove doubts from those who have them and to bring everyone back to reality,” he added.

Maria Falcone does not think that Messina Denaro will collaborate: “I think he is so deeply permeated by the mafia subculture that he will never take this step. A bit like Riina and Provenzano, who were then his allies and his models. Messina Denaro will remain faithful to his identity until the end. Then it is enough to hear him speak to realize that no repentance is possible”.

The magistrate’s sister recalls that “some time ago an intercepted mafioso invited a friend not to send her daughter to the ceremonies. For me, this is further proof of the importance of the work that many anti-mafia associations do, especially with young people. The cultural battle it is the only way to definitively win this war. And the mafia knows it. This is why we must not stop. The magistrates and the police are doing their part. We must do ours”.