Messina Denaro, Palermo prosecutor: “Stop speculation about arrest”

Hard intervention by Maurizio de Lucia at the inauguration of the judicial year: “impeccable investigation”

“Enough with the speculation about the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro”. The investigation for the arrest of the boss “was flawless” and was “carried out with the most up-to-date technical tools and with totally transparent legality criteria. There is not a single element of fact that can contradict what is kept in the deeds of the investigation which will be made public in full. In the documents there are facts that are hard to contrast with simple rumors. Of course, all opinions are respectable even those who say that the earth is flat, but then the facts must be compared and the opinions are doomed to defeat.” He said it the Prosecutor of Palermo, Maurizio de Lucia speaking at the inauguration of the judicial year of Palermo.

“From the first moment in which a result that honored Italy was achieved – says de Lucia interrupted several times by the spontaneous applause in the great hall – a series of rumors that began a few minutes after the news of the capture of the fugitive. There was not even time to say how good the police force was, and how hard their work was, to hear shadows about this investigative activity”.

“Everyone can comment as he wishes and make the intellectual speculations he deems, but these speculations must stop in front of the evidence of the facts,” he says. “We don’t have to explain things before doing the trials – he adds – first we have to do the trials and then people will be able to say and judge what actually happened on the morning of January 16th”.

“This success must be recognized throughout the State, the Carabinieri, but also the Police, the Guardia di Finanza. It is a success that the State has a duty to claim and I, in my capacity as head of investigations, have the duty to affirm absolute quality without speculation of any kind”, says Maurizio de Lucia. “The magistrates of my office – continues de Lucia – will continue to use only the method of researching the facts in the execution of their fundamental task: to ascertain the crimes and to convict the perpetrators. We are only interested in this, ascertaining the responsibility of the suspects”.