Messina Denaro, the clinic’s appeal to the boss: “You are about to die, speak”

This is what Alessia Randazzo, head of the general affairs legal area, writes on social media

“I would have only one thing to say to Mr. Andrea Bonafede: if, by borrowing you a life you don’t deserve, in the path of the disease you had mirrored yourself in each of your mistakes, now speakdo it now that you know that it won’t be long before that child and all the others will find themselves in front of you”. This is what Alessia Randazzo, head of the general affairs legal area of ​​the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo, where the boss Matteo Messina Denaro was being treated. And where he was arrested a week ago.

“Profanity, insinuation, inference have been the shortcuts most taken in these hours when instead the responsibilities and answers are all written in the medical record of the Italian Republic. For which – it seems clear to me – there is no scheme of therapy that can lead to healing.There are people who have been leaving their homes every morning for over twenty years to serve and not to appear and who with their work have concretely demonstrated that the best doctor in Sicily is no longer the plane. It’s not the first, nor will it be the last time we’ll be called to pay a price for our efforts, for that daily weight that oppresses our souls but that we’ve learned to turn into an embrace. Our shoulders have now widened.” .

“An ordinary day, the spotlight falls once again on this proud rainbow and an instant later, unaware of how it is in the world, the elephants of summary judgments pour deposits of liquid wickedness on it – he says -. Choose the path that is more tiring and less enlightened is the risk you run when you consciously choose to avoid any shortcut in life”. “Dignity, as we know, costs effort and it is in this effort that, together with many others, I too have found the meaning of my life” she concludes.