Messina, garbage man murder: 18 year old arrested

Investigations underway to clarify the motive

Turning to the murder of the garbage man of Letojanni in the Messina area. The 56-year-old man was found lifeless yesterday in his home. The carabinieri of Taormina arrested an eighteen year old. Executed the decree of arrest of suspect of crime, issued by the prosecutor against the young man, residing in Letojanni. The crime of aggravated homicide has been contested.

The prosecutor, on the basis of an initial assessment of the sources of evidence acquired and considering the reconstruction, provided by the young man in contrast to the witness statements, acquired by the investigators, recognizing the danger of escape, issued the arrest order and ordered imprisonment in the Messina Gazzi prison, awaiting validation. Further investigations are still in progress aimed, among other things, at clarifying the motive and excluding the possible involvement of others.