Messina Money sick, Baiardo: “He doesn’t have it for long”

The former trusted man of the Gravianos who ‘prophesied’ the arrest of the boss: “I don’t speak through their mouth. The boss? I think he won’t have it for long, otherwise it wouldn’t have ended like this”

“I would like to make the prophecies in another area, these are not prophecies. They are delicate, serious things”. Thus Mario Baiardo, the former trusted man of the Graviano bosses, interviewed by Massimo Giletti, at ‘Non è l’Arena’, after the interview granted in November when he said that Messina Denaro was ill and that he could be arrested “soon.” “I can’t say it on television,” Baiardo says when asked who was his source on Messina Denaro’s imminent arrest.

It’s not just the Gravianos, there are other people too. I’m not speaking through the mouth of the Gravianos…”, he says. “Matteo Messina Denaro, Totò Riina, Bernardo Provenzano where were they arrested? All three in Sicily, while the Graviano brothers were arrested in Milan, there is something that doesn’t add up. The brothers were making a new life for themselves. Repentants can’t keep making up jokes. If the Gravianos were to continue to commit crimes, they would have remained in Brancaccio“, argues Baiardo.

As for Messina Denaro he says: “I’m sorry for this person, but I don’t think it has for longotherwise what happened wouldn’t happen (the arrest ed)…”. And to Giletti who presses him by emphasizing that very few, according to the doctor who was treating him, knew of the boss’s illness, he replies again: ” My source comes from the Palermo area, not from the Gravianos”.