Met Gala 2023, Jared Leto’s dress, inspired by Lagerfeld Choupette’s cat. VIDEO

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The tribute to Karl Lagerfeld of Met Gala 2023 has turned, in more than a moment, into a tribute to Choupettethe Burmese cat who was the pet of the Chanel designer in the last years of his life.
If the real Choupette stayed at home declining the invitation to take part in the event, the feline lifestyle symbol elegant and luxurious by the legendary designer it has made appearances on the carpet and stairway of the Costume Institute in various versions. The most extravagant is undoubtedly the one offered by Jared Leto that yes it is disguised as a white cat and with his mascot look he got a laugh from those present, winning the title of quirky icon of this edition.

The Cat Suit (and Other Weird Met Gala Looks)

Bizarre, original, irreverent, Jared Leto always finds a way to attract attention at the Met Gala, an event where traditionally he, who is already an absolute fashion icon, always manages to give his best by finishing at the top of the the most talked about and the best dressed.
With his Choupette look, the actor and rock star leader of 30 Seconds to Mars stole the show from the photographers, also distracting the other guests who interrupted their show to go and hug his fur suitsoft as the fur of the blue-eyed specimen from Burma that all fashion enthusiasts will remember in the photos of Karl Lagerfeld.

The US rocker, known for playing dozens of characters on the big screen for which he has put in place considerable transformations, didn’t struggle much to get into the adorable kitty’s fur. The only drawback was the heat which forced the actor to reveal his identity to the photographers after a few minutes, to whom he allowed himself smiling with the cat’s stuffed head in his hands, a pose which reminded viewers of the Met Gala his appearance in the season 2019 when for the evening dedicated to Camp arrived sporting an ultra-realistic reproduction of the his severed heada prop that Leto had already sported for a Gucci show in the Alessandro Michele era.

Jared Leto will play Karl Lagerfeld in a biopic

With his Choupette disguise, Jared Leto was one of the most scrupulous guests in observing to the letter the theme of the evening whose dress code was “In honor of Karl”.

Eschewing the most obvious solution, the actor – who is a Gucci loyalist – interpreted his tribute to Lagerfeld in his own way and to the microphones of the journalists who listened to him on the red carpet confessed all his admiration for the late designer, a genius, a true leader, an innovator and a multifaceted talent.

The 51-year-old actor smiled as he imagined the laugh Lagerfeld would have had as his puppet version of Choupette climbed the stairs of New York’s Metropolitan Museum. The actor added that he is excited about the idea of playing the fashion designer in the biopic dedicated to the German genius of Fendi, Chanel, Balmain and Patou, which he is making with Paradoxhis collaborative production company with House of Karl Lagerfeld, which carries on the designer’s legacy. Leto has said several times that the designer was excited about the possibility of him being the actor destined to play him on the big screen since among them there was a special friendship and great mutual respect.

Choupette’s social greetings at the Met Gala

While Jared Leto entertained the Met Gala with his cat costume and others like Doja Cat or Lil Nas X they disguised themselves more or less as felines, the real Choupettewhich for the collective imagination is a super spoiled cat who lives in unbridled luxury (Lagerfeld left her a part of his inheritance so that she could live out her years in absolute comfort) ha sent his regards to the Met Gala attendees thanking them for the love they continue to show for their unforgettable master.
In support of this thought, two new portraits they appeared on the official Instagram profile of the cat which has almost two hundred thousand followers and has a marketing agency that represents it, the My Pet Agency which among its clients has, as it is logical to expect, only tender four-legged friends.