Meta Quest Pro, the first update introduces an avatar mirror

It will also be possible to choose your own soundtrack in the metaverse

Meta has announced an update for the Quest Pro operating system. The v47 update is the first since the launch of the viewer and introduces some features that take advantage of the new hardware capabilities, including the acquisition of mixed reality. First of all, a feature much requested by all multi-tasking and music lovers: audio playback in the background. The easiest way to try it out is to load your favorite streaming service into your browser – the feature supports background audio from any 2D panel app in any VR experience. Passthrough enabled, any game action used to be displayed on a black background, but now you can show exactly what you see in Meta Quest Pro. Simply press the in-app button to bring up the quick action bar, navigate to Camera and tap ” Record Video” to start capturing.

Added shareable wishlists for apps and software, and Meta Quel’s mobile app is also updated. VR friends are now featured, so it’s easy to see when they’re online, what they’re up to, send them a message, or start playing together. Meta is adding a widget to your home screen that will show the battery life of your headset and controller and make it easier than ever to launch Casting, access and launch apps, and use important device settings. The v47 update makes it easier to change the look of your avatar, whether it’s a change of clothes, a haircut, an experimental mustache or a completely new face. Meta has placed a mirror in the Horizon Home environment on Meta Quest 2 and Pro that will allow you to quickly check your appearance and make changes to your avatar in real time.