Meta-Siae, agreement for music on social media until January 2024

January 31, 2024. This is the new end date between Meta and Siae for the use of music on social platforms expiring on October 6. “We have agreed on a new extension of the licensing agreement with Siae” says the spokesperson of the American holding company which controls all online social services. “Users and creators will continue to access the Siae catalog as we continue negotiations for a long-term agreement,” says Meta.

Truce for another 4 months

The transitional agreement stipulated between Meta and SIAE last May to allow the repertoire managed by the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers to be used on the social platforms controlled by the Californian company, Facebook and Instagram, has been renewed. Negotiations between SIAE and Meta, which were abruptly interrupted in the middle of last March, resumed in the second half of the following April. “We believe it is important to collaborate with the music industry and in the value of Italian music, we hope to be able to deal with SIAE as we already do with other rights holders in Italy” Meta declared at the time. To date, the issue has not yet been resolved, but the positive sign is that the negotiation is progressing. The “truce” may continue for another four months or so.