Meta, with Ia you can converse in real time with those who speak another language

Meta’s AI research team is introducing Seamless Communication: a suite of AI-based translation models that better preserves the characteristic expressions used in different languages, and simultaneously translates words of the interlocutor. This is what emerges from a note on the 10 years of Fair (Fundamental AI Research) released by the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

“Over the last ten years, the Fair has been at the origin of many discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence – underlines the note – and a guide for open and responsible research. Whether it is documents, codes, models, demos or guides to responsible use, we always strive to take an open approach, sharing our work” underlines the team. Older versions of language translation services often struggle to capture tone of voice, pauses and emphasis, leaving out important aspects for expressing emotions and intentions.

SeamlessExpressive is the first system open to all capable of providing a linguistic exchange without neglecting aspects related to expressiveness. SeamlessExpressive uses a model capable of reproducing the emotions and style of the speaker, taking into account the speed and rhythm of the speech. The template is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese. SeamlessStreaming allows you to converse in real time with those who speak a different language. Unlike traditional systems, which carry out the translation once the sentences are finished, SeamlessStreaming is able to translate while the dialogue is still in progress, making the translation available to the listener more quickly.