Meta, Zuckerberg ready to cut thousands more jobs

The rumors about Zuckerberg’s layoffs continue after the cut of eleven thousand jobs (13% of the total) already announced last November. A crackdown in one of the many restructuring plans launched by large technology multinationals, including Alphabet, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft and Salesforce. No official confirmation has yet come from the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. But the recent declarations of the managing director after the numbers of the last quarter, would in any case suggest that the downsizing of the group is not finished yet. The CEO had in fact announced that 2023 would be “the year of efficiency” and that the company aimed to become “stronger and more agile”.

Meta’s crisis

Meta was the first of the technology multinationals to raise the white flag. The Menlo Park crisis was mainly caused by the huge investments in the metaverse that have annoyed some shareholders, by the decline in users and advertising on more traditional platforms and by the unsuccessful pursuit of TikTok.