Metaverse and culture, Goradze looks to the Mediterranean digital future

Technology at the service of Cultural Heritage for the digital revolution of tourist use. In Agrigento, in the Fazello room of the “Pietro Griffo” regional archaeological museum, on the occasion of the final of the “Italy is culture” competition, the Bosnian University of Goradze discussed the theme “Four cultures, one metaverse”. A virtual and immersive reality, which allows anyone to be able to travel the world, while remaining comfortably seated in the armchair at home. Goradze’s university has turned the spotlight on the risks of globalization and on the need to pass on the values ​​of one’s cultural identity to young people.

“We are starting a new adventure in the name of the metaverse – explains professor Marcello Conigliaro, pro-rector of the international university of Goradze – a fantastic place where it is possible to recreate and, where possible, correct the real world. We propose to the new generations, a metaverse of the cultures of the Mediterranean to ensure that, in the digital world, there is a place where the ways, cultures and customs of the peoples bordering the mare Nostrum are represented”.

During the seminar, the results of the activities carried out by the center for research and international cooperation of the Bosnian university were illustrated.