Metaverse Festival in Turin, a success for Angi

Over 250,000 unique users for the first event in Italy dedicated to the virtual world

The first Italian Metaverse Festival, which saw the participation of over 250,000 unique users, has successfully concluded. The event, organized by ANGI, took place in the Cathedral of the OGR Turin, bringing home an unparalleled result, as confirmed by the President of the association, Gabriele Ferrieri: “Extraordinary success in terms of public and content. Truly immense numbers that have seen over 250 thousand unique users who, between presence and remote connection, attended the first Metaverse Festival in Italy. central role of ANGI as a reference point on digital. We are really proud of the path we are pursuing and thanks to the development and constant growth of the community of young Italian innovators, we want to live as protagonists the challenges for the economic and social revival of Italy, placing ourselves at the disposal of the institutions to continue the value and planning process that, with perseverance and dedication, the ANGI has been carrying on since 2017. Our appeal is for the continuation of digital policies both with a view to PNRR implementation and support for future generations, the only and true cornerstone on which to build solid foundations for the relaunch of the Belpaese. From now until the end of the year, numerous appointments will be scheduled which will culminate, on December 1st, with the ANGI – Oscar of Innovation award in Rome in the marvelous setting of the Ara Pacis “.

Furthermore, the ANGI chaired by Ferrieri, thanks to the technical partnership with Coderblock, now has its own metaverse. This new virtual reality is an opportunity to build a bridge and enhance the immersive reality in support of all the excellence of innovation and Made in Italy. Also present at the Festival Matteo Marnati, Councilor for the Environment, Energy, Innovation, Research of the Piedmont Region; Stefano Lo Russo, Mayor of the Municipality of Turin; Letizia Maria Ferraris, President of CSI Piemonte; as evidence of the proximity of the city of Turin to the issues surrounding the new immersive universe. Marnati declared: “The Piedmont Region is the first Region in Italy to land in the metaverse. A decision that we have matured, together with the CSI, starting from the assumption that a Public Administration must integrate with innovation, not just keep up with the times” “But, if possible, anticipate them and build something in virtual reality, and the world of the metaverse has had a strong acceleration in recent times, especially among young people, also to provide services to citizens and businesses. However, we decided to start from” social theme “because it is our task to deal with fragility. From this consideration in August, we began to build” our “metaverse, which reproduces our new headquarters, the skyscraper, which we will inaugurate in a few days and, as a first project, we we will deal with cyberbullying, a phenomenon that affects many young people today, in collaboration with the Turin Order of Psychologists. ia, something that will become, we are sure, a great opportunity in the coming years. In parallel, we will also develop services for citizens and businesses, all with the guarantee of maximum security “.

Furthermore, at the ANGI event, the opinion poll “Youth and innovation in the metaverse scenario” was presented as an exclusive national preview, by Prof. Roberto Baldassari, General Manager Lab21.01 and Director of the ANGI Scientific Committee. After the vote of 25 September 2022, in fact, the polling institute Lab21.01 carried out a research by interviewing a sample of Italian adults through the carrying out of 1,200 interviews (telephone and via web) to analyze the relationship between Italians and the metaverse with particular attention to the relationship between young people, innovation and the new changing scenario of the metaverse. Professor Baldassarri explains: “The overall look of the research highlights how there are strong generational differences between the interviewees: under 35 and over 55 seem even more distant in the metaverse. On the one hand, curiosity about the virtual” non-place “grows ‘on the other hand there still appears a space where there are no certain rules and often the end user could find himself at the mercy of the socio-psychological effects deriving from an “immersion” that is still too fragile and not very structured. The relationship between young people, innovation, technological tools and interpersonal relationships even if on the horizon the danger of another container with a low added value in terms of content remains on the horizon. The attention and investments of large Italian and international companies could contribute in a strong and positive way to making a still blurred scenario become more and more proactive, technologically advanced and, paradoxically, stained with reality “.