Mic celebrates Giannini’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

The actor, ‘lifetime achievement awards lengthen my life…’ – Tributes from Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and Vittorio Sgarbi, Sergio Castellitto and Michele Placido, Liliana Cavani and videos from US actors

“Career awards extend my life…”. As always ironic and self-deprecating, Giancarlo Giannini welcomes with composed enthusiasm the celebrations at the Mic, organized by Vittorio Sgarbi with the Minister of Culture at his side Gennaro Sangiuliano in the Sala della Crociera at the Collegio Romano, for the star with his name engraved on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To pay homage to the actor several colleagues, such as Sergio Castellitto And Michael Placido and the director Liliana Cavani.

“Am I a Maestro? Let’s say I taught at the Experimental School of Cinematography, where after so many years they sent me away…”, he recalls Giannini. Immediately interrupted by Sangiuliano who assures: “As soon as it’s my turn to intervene, I’ll put him back inside immediately”. Then Giannini continues: “Above all I taught the passion and fun of making cinema”.

As for the controversy over the American majors which do not resort to Italian actors even when filming in Italy, he observes: “They shouldn’t be imposed and, moreover, Burt Lancaster it was great Ocelot For Luchino Visconti. In any case, let’s say that, with intelligence and a little cunning, you can also conquer the Americans”, as indeed he succeeded.

For the minister Sangiuliano“Giancarlo Giannini is a ‘Renaissance’ actor, in the sense that he manages to express a full Italianness beyond stereotypes and prejudices: he represents the best of Italy in the world. And I am convinced that this star does not mark the end of a career but a new beginning of his: he will continue to give us other beautiful films and I invite him to celebrate his 90 years here and also his 100 so the wish is twofold: for him a long life and for me in the role of Minister of Culture.. .”, Sangiuliano smiles.

Also for Liliana Cavani, “Giannini is a universal, comic and tragic actor with the same intensity and skill with which he has won the affection of the public and of all of us”. AND Rude adds: “There is always a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement waiting for him Venice Biennial“. For Giannini, congratulations also arrive on video from the USA by Michael DouglasDanny Houston Jim BelushiDon Johnson Dustin Hoffmanbefore cutting into a huge chocolate cake, obviously in the shape of a star.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)