Miccichè: “Galvagno obeys diktat Rome”

(by Elvira Terranova) – Gianfranco Miccichè immediately makes a premise: “I was born to be happy. I always enjoy myself, and I will always be happy”. Then, he adds: “I am writing my truths. In some cases, they are heavy truths. I have written them but I don’t know whether to tell them publicly. I always aim for truth operations”. The former Deputy Minister of Economy and former President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly has for some months no longer been the regional coordinator of Forza Italia in Sicily, replaced by Marcello Caruso, right-hand man of the President of the Forza Italia region, Renato Schifani. And he is no longer in the Forza Italia group at Ars, but he is – the only deputy – in the Mixed Group. After the farewell, not without controversy, to the group he had founded almost thirty years ago, when he won 61 to 0, winning all the colleges in Sicily. Last Saturday he did not participate, for the first time, in the Forza Italia convention. And he says: “Without me it’s not a real convention …”. Then, Miccichè takes off a few pebbles from his shoes. And he does not spare criticism of the President of Ars, his successor, Gaetano Galvagno, who yesterday presented the balance sheet for the first six months of the legislature, with ups and downs: “Let me be clear – says Miccichè – I consider Galvagno totally exempt from any responsibility, but I would like to remind you that Parliament has not improved in anything compared to the last legislature. I have been in the chamber the last three times and they have always and only presented parliamentary questions. That’s it. When do we want to approve a law? The Ars must do it in so that the laws come out well done”.

Then he adds: “If there is a real responsibility of Galvagno it is that of having obeyed the dictates of Rome, of not having been autonomous in the choices that have been made”. The reference is to the choice of the President of Ars not to have accepted a parliamentary group with allra three deputies, namely Miccichè with Nicola D’Agostino and Michele Mancuso, to form the second group of Forza Italia. While the first was made up of deputies close to Schifani. Then, Mancuso and D’Agostino also went with Schfani. And Miccichè remained alone in the Mixed Group. “He will never recover this choice. But it has nothing to do with what is happening today – Miccichè clarifies – It was an excusatio non petita, yesterday he had no intention of attacking the government”.

‘The Government is not presenting anything to the Ars’

“I will continue to love Galvagno, the original sin is that of having obeyed the diktat of his Roman party. How can the President of Ars take charge of making a group disappear?”. And he recalls: “When in the last legislature there was a similar situation with future Sicily and the Brothers of Italy, I said that I could not afford to make a symbol that exists at a national level disappear. Only because for an electoral mechanism in the end they were only two deputies were elected. When, in this legislature, there was the betrayal I was left alone with two other deputies (D’Agostino and Mancuso ed) and he said in the hall: ‘The group of three deputies does not exist’. I replied: ‘ President, this is an order you are receiving from Rome. This is Galvagno’s responsibility.”

And going back to talking about Galvagno’s press conference yesterday, he explains: “He had to make an attack on the majority deputies. It is the government that is not presenting anything. He must be the President of the Ars and he must not do it with questions but acquiring authority and autonomy. We are an autonomous region and special status. I hope he does well, he is a person of great sympathy, kind, intelligent. He has all the tools but some things don’t work”.

And on challenging the articles of the budget, he says: “I realized that every deputy had his request, and in the end 67 articles were rejected. Only three or four concerned the budget. The government must realize that Parliament must be its accomplice And when there is a problem, it should be the President who asks for his hand to solve it. In the last legislature, everything was Ars’s fault”. And the reference goes to Minister Nello Musumeci, former Sicilian governor, with whom there were sparks last year. Then speaking of the Federico Secondo Foundation, led by Patrizia Monterosso, chosen by Miccichè himself, the former President of Ars explains: “I am pleased that Galvagno spoke well of the Foundation yesterday, because I sincerely feared that they would remove Monterosso from the Foundation”.

Of Caterina Chinnici’s passage from Pd to Fi he says: “It’s a complicated answer. One day history will tell us the reason for her entry. In my opinion there is a long story behind it”.

Finally, on the Milan Fi convention, Miccichè said: “Many told me that without me it wasn’t a Fi convention, but if I had gone I would have had to speak and right now it’s better not to say what I think. I don’t I’m someone who gets told what I have to say and what not…”.