Michael Jackson will be played in the biopic by his nephew Jaafar

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It’s final: Michael Jackson will be played by his nephew in the biopic named after him.
After a “worldwide search”, the casting for the biopic dedicated to the King of Pop found the most suitable interpreter: Jacko’s nephew.

Jaafar Jackson, 26, got the lead role in the film Michaeldirected by Antoine Fuqua.
This is the second son of Jermaine Jackson, one of the older brothers of the pop star, also a songwriter and also a member of the Jackson 5 (where he sang along with Michael).
This is the first important role in a film for the 26-year-old actor, who recently announced on Twitter that he had been cast, writing that he was truly “honored”.

“Jaafar embodies my son. It’s so wonderful to see him carry on the Jacksons’ legacy as an entertainer and performer,” said Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson, who is also Jaafar’s grandmother clearly.

You can watch Jaafar Jackson’s tweet announcing his role in the film dedicated to his uncle, Michaelat the bottom of this article.

Michael Jackson, story of a legend

Although he certainly needs no introduction, Michael Jackson rose to fame as a child in his family band: the Jackson 5.
Going on to become a solo artist, he was quickly regarded as one of the most successful musicians of all time, later even dubbed the “King of Pop”.
He died in 2009, at the age of fifty.
The biopic to be directed by Antoine Fuqua will begin production this year.

A film in collaboration with the heirs of Michael Jackson

The biopic Michael was created with the collaboration of executors of Michael Jackson’s estate and heirs. This link with family members and with those who hold the rights will probably influence the way the life of the singer is represented, as the British newspaper points out in these hours The Guardian (followed by numerous other international newspapers).

So it’s unknown whether or not the film will touch on the child sexual abuse allegations that were leveled against Michael Jackson both during his lifetime and after his death. Some believe that – since it is a film made in collaboration with the musician’s heirs and the rights holders – it is very probable that that key will not be contemplated.
We recall, for the record, that Michael Jackson has always maintained his innocence and that in 2005 he was found not guilty of child molestation.

The “worldwide search” to find the interpreter of Michael Jackson

Graham King, one of the film’s producers (who also produced the Queen biopic, the Academy Award-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody), said the biopic’s production team searched the world for an actor who could play Michael Jackson before choosing Jaafar.

“I met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by how organically he embodies Michael’s spirit and personality,” said Graham King. “He was something so powerful that even after conducting a worldwide search, it was clear that he was the only person (who could) take on this role.”

The production of the film

Graham King is producing Michael with John Branca and John McClain, the co-executors of Jackson’s estate. Writing the screenplay is John Logan, who wrote Gladiator,
The Aviator and James Bond films Skyfall And Specter.
Antoine Fuqua, the film’s director, said that Michael “explores the journey of the man who became the King of Pop,” while the film’s studio, Lionsgate, teased it will include “his most iconic performances that led him to become the greatest entertainer of all time”.

Below you can watch Jaafar Jackson’s tweet announcing his role in the film dedicated to his uncle, the highly anticipated biopic Michael.