Michael Mann is working on Heat 2

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Rumors have been circulating about a possible for weeks Heat – The Challenge 2 and Deadline has confirmed that Warner Bros is in talks to develop the film, a sequel to the 1995 classic that Michael Mann has recently turned into a novel. The book, released last August 2022, became a #1 New York Times bestseller. Adam Driverwho recently starred in the film Ferrari for Mann, he’s in discussions with the director about playing the young man Neil McCauley in Heat – The Challenge 2. Warner Bros. and Mann’s representatives declined to comment.

Heat – The Challenge 2: from film to novel

Heat – The Challenge 2 was written by Michael Mann And Meg Gardener and it’s not a novelization of Mann’s film, rather it tells the story of everything that happens before and after to the main characters. The book jumps between two time periods: the first follows Chris Shiherlis while trying to evade the LAPD and the detective Vincent Hanna after the bank robbery gone wrong and moves to a new territory in the tri-border area and Southeast Asia; the second storyline takes readers back to Chicago in 1988, when McCauley, Shiherlis and their senior group are taking scores on the West Coast, the US-Mexico border and in Chicago. At the same time, Hanna is cutting her teeth as a rising star in the Chicago Police Department by chasing down a very violent gang.

Michael Mann’s project

Michael Mann has hinted that he wants to adapt the novel to make it into a feature film. At the time, however, he was starting production Ferrari with Adam Driver and all his attention was focused on that. Immersed in the post-production of Ferrarithings started to take shape at the beginning of the year and Heat – The Challenge 2 has become a concrete project until becoming probably the next feature film by Mann, one he has been making with passion for nearly three decades.

A sequel with a thousand expectations

Rumors have circulated since the beginning of the year about which talent would return or which new actors would take on the younger version of these roles that have since become iconic. From Al Pacino returning to play Hanna in the present ad Ana de Armas who plays McCauley’s love interest in the 1988 timeline, there are many hoping to join, but Driver is the one we feel is most certain at the moment. The original 1995 film saw PacinoRobert DeNiro as McCauley e Val Kilmer as Shiherlis. Although he was a great successhas since become a revered crime classic with worldwide acclaim and this sequel is sure to excite fans.