Michel: “Russia’s nuclear threat affects the whole world”

“Shameful and unacceptable references to the use of nuclear weapons”

” Russia is attacking the sovereign nation of Ukraine by making shameful and unacceptable references to the use of nuclear weapons. This is not just threatening the security of Europe. It is dangerously raising the stakes for the whole world. ” She wrote it on Twitter the President of the European Council Charles Michel on a visit to Hiroshima. “I am even more determined to support freedom in Ukraine and security in Europe and the world,” he said after seeing “the devastating consequences of nuclear weapons”. Quoting the Kremlin, he said that “I would like those who threaten the use of nuclear weapons again today” to hear the testimony of the atomic bomb survivor Keiko Ogura, as I did today ”.

” We have international rules and global institutions for nuclear disarmament and arms control. We must protect and strengthen them to ensure peace and security, ” added Michel.