Michela Murgia got married: “We did it in ‘articulo mortis'”

The writer publishes the video on Instagram: “It’s not a party. I go in and out of the hospital and we no longer take anything for granted”. The civil marriage with Lorenzo

“It’s not a party.” With these words the video posted by the writer closes Michelle Murgia on Instagram which resumes the marriage between her and Lorenzo. A decision taken some time ago that she carried out reluctantly, as Murgia herself explains in the long post that accompanies the video, but which she implemented because her physical conditions are getting worse. “A few days ago Lorenzo and I got married civilly. We did it ‘in articulo mortis’ because every day there is a different physical complication, I go in and out of the hospital and now we no longer take anything for granted. We did it reluctantly: if we had had another way to guarantee each other’s rights we would never have resorted to such a patriarchal and limited tool, which forces us to reduce a much richer and stronger experience to the representation of the couple, where the number 2 is the opposite of who we are”, explains the same writer and activist in the post.

“No wishes, therefore – continues Murgia – because the ritual we would have liked does not yet exist. But it will exist and we want to help bring it to life. In a few days in the garden of the still moving house we will bring to life our idea of ​​celebrating the queer family. Our promises will not be what we were forced to make the other day. We want to share it in our own way and we will do it from this profile, without journalists or various media. Our personal experience, like that of all3, today is more political than ever and if I could leave a symbolic legacy, I would like it to be this: another model of relationship, one more for those who have had to fight in life always feeling something less “, he concludes.

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