Michela Murgia: “Illness is not something to be ashamed of”

The writer reveals in a post on Facebook that she started the year in intensive care

“Illness is not a catastrophe, but a piece of my life, which is as good as the others and I don’t want to treat it as a dark secret or something to be ashamed of.” The writer Michela Murgia, born in 1972, chooses to reveal her health problems with a post on Facebook for the fans who “wrote many messages to express their disappointment for the cancellation of the dates of my shows in the coming weeks”, by doing it ” feel less alone “.

“I dreamed of starting the year in theaters, meeting people and returning to look them in the eyes. Instead I started him from the intensive care, which is following a slow treatment that will require very different rhythms from those I have always lived and worked on. ” points out. “Some things I will be able to do, but others not and long journeys and physically performative situations are out of my reach for now “.

“From time to time”, he writes, on the Facebook page, “shares of my treatment will also appear, which is a part of me like everything else. Getting sick is normal, healing is normal and choosing what to stop at is also normal. Everything will not be as it was before, but what comes next may even be better. Let’s take the time to make it happen“.