Michela Murgia: “Meloni is ‘the’ president, she is not a friend of feminism”

“Feminism is definitely a friend of Giorgia Meloni, but there is no reciprocal”

“The Italian language allows the feminine declension. When a woman holds that office, Italian not only allows but advises that the correct declension is the one corresponding to the gender: so we will use that”. Michela Murgia expresses herself in this way, to Otto e mezzo, on the ‘question’ relating to the article ‘the’ or ‘the’ to be placed side by side with the ‘Prime Minister’ combined with Giorgia Meloni.

“The funny thing is that, for years, a conservative party has said that there were other priorities than language. The first acts, however, were related to language, from ministries to clarifications on articles to be used for institutional offices,” he adds. .

“Feminism is certainly a friend of Giorgia Meloni as it is a friend of all women, when it makes a battle it broadens the basis of rights and possibilities for all women. If Giorgia Meloni can become Prime Minister today it is thanks to feminism. Not but there is the reciprocal: Giorgia Meloni does not intend to broaden the basis of rights for women “, he says again.