Michele Guardì, storm for the Iene outlaws: Rai opens internal audit

After the broadcast of the service, the measure of the company. The director at the Mediaset program: “He’s someone who imitates me well…but I know where the audio comes from internally”

The rioters strike again. This time Michele Guardì, historical author, creator and director of Rai programmes, ends up at the center of the storm. The case broke out last Tuesday, when Iene broadcast audio with serious insults uttered by the director of ‘I Fatti Vostri’, collected in a report by Filippo Roma. In the audio, the broadcast explains, “the director can be heard addressing his collaborators with terms that should never be used”. Because of this Rai, already yesterday, gave a mandate for the opening of an internal audit and all the company procedures envisaged on the facts concerning the director.

“I ask Rai to take a position on what has emerged about Michele Guardì”, today’s note from the president of the Rai Floridia supervisory commission. “His disrespectful sentences, at any time they were uttered – he underlines – are incompatible with public service, and the company has the duty to intervene publicly, even more so at a time when the debate on hate speech and the fight against sexist, misogynistic and homotransphobic culture runs through the country in such a decisive way.”

And again: “It makes no sense to have a service contract with very specific and important provisions on this front, if we do not act accordingly – adds the president of the Rai supervisory commission – I expect a timely verification by the company on the respect for the contract, the code of ethics and any other aspect regarding this matter”.

The outbursts transmitted by the Hyenas

“Get this f…o out of me… away”, ‘Did the bitch come after me?’, “Look at this piece of s…”, “Look at these two imbeciles”, “Make that bagas take her hand off…, tell her to take that bitch’s hand off…”, “Where’s the f… of me…? The fro… grab him, where is he?”, “Go and kick this pig in the ass”, “What the fuck… is he chewing the putt…?”, “There’s someone calling behind Ricciarelli, go and kill him! Kick this pig away, this pig who’s calling.” And more insults aimed at the presenters: “Dog Magalli! Take it away, holy shit…”, “don’t take that pig Magalli, don’t take him”. These are the words of the director in what seem to be off-the-cuffs captured by the direction of ‘I Fatti Vostri’.

The premise of the broadcast made by Iena Roma is that “everyone happens to use colorful language with some swear words, especially when we are not listened to by the recipients of those insults” who are sometimes also “friends and colleagues to whom we also love you very much.” However, the hyena further explains, “there are terms and expressions that are not acceptable nowadays and which in Rai, a public company, were not acceptable even a few years ago”. These recordings, Filippo Roma explains in the report, “would have been made by someone who said he had suffered from the language and manners that would have been used in his presence and for the sexist and homophobic climate that he would have experienced in general in the workplace. This person – he continued – considered for a long time whether to make a complaint for mobbing and discrimination but then, for fear of the consequences he might suffer, he preferred to give up”

He looked: “He’s someone who imitates me well…but I know where they start from internally”

“He’s someone who imitates me well, it’s not me but he’s very similar”, the Rai director’s reply to Filippo Roma who intercepts him. And when asked if it is normal to call a host a pig, a whore, a putt… or a pig, Guardì replies: “For goodness sake, certainly not. When they do it by imitating my voice, they make a mistake”. But who is imitating his voice? “And what do I know, I don’t say those things and if they imitate me I can’t do anything about it.”

“It can happen in life that when you work, things slip out of you, hence saying that whoever does those things – me or someone else – is a homophobe… in a moment of nervousness, anything can slip out, even at home. But people I love and respect them, I call my assistant ‘dirty’. I say ‘disgusting’ as a joke in life. If anyone is offended I apologize but I’m joking”, explains the director. Who then adds: “Those things you talk about, I know where they start from internally.” But by whom and why? He looked at him, chuckled and replied: “They have to worry because they are unfair things that I don’t deserve.” Is anyone mad at her? “No, someone is having fun because they are prominent people…”.