Michele Morrone, bad episode for the actor of 365 days: bitter discovery

Bad episode for Michele Morrone: bitter discovery for the beloved 365-day actor, what he told on his social channel.

Those who have looked at ‘365 days’ and ‘365 days: now’, and we assure you that there are so many, could not help but appreciate Michele Morrone, one of its main protagonists. With an irresistible charm and a breathtaking skill, the actor has become one of the symbolic faces of Netflix.

Michele Morrone. Credits: Mediaset Play

Beloved actor and singer of a certain caliber, Michele Morrone is a real Instagram star. With a profile that has more than 10 thousand followers, the beloved Massimo Torricelli of ‘365 days’ never misses an opportunity to be able to update his audience on everything that happens to him. Even a few days ago, for example, he couldn’t help but tell his supporters about the bad episode of which he was a victim. At first with a series of images and, later, with IG Stories ‘talk’, the good Morrone has amply explained what happened to him. Fortunately, this is nothing serious, that’s clear. In any case, however, Michele still wanted to send a message to those who made him find a very unpleasant surprise.

Bad episode for Michele Morrone: what happened to him

With nearly 15 million followers, Michele Morrone undoubtedly wins the scepter of Instagram star. Very active on his profile and usually sharing images that take your breath away, the actor never misses an opportunity to be able to communicate with his supporters. Even a few days ago, as we said previously, the good Morrone could not help but reveal the bad episode of which he was the protagonist a few hours earlier.

It is absolutely not the first time that we talk to you about very unpleasant episodes or VIPs that end up in the crosshairs of some of his haters. This time, unfortunately, it happened to Michele Morrone to be the victim of an ignoble gesture. Through a series of IG Stories, in fact, the ‘365 days’ actor said he found his car completely scratched. An act of vandalism, therefore, the author of which is not unknown to the good Morrone. On his social channel, in fact, Michele said he had been receiving threatening messages for some time. “You have been sending me these messages for years, announcing what you would do”, the actor said on social media. Imagining, moreover, that on the alleged he even followed him and then made this gesture.

After this very unpleasant experience, however, Michele Morrone sends a message to his hater: “If I want, I’ll buy another car tomorrow. You stay there with the key in your hand that you look at ”. Would you have reacted this way too?

Private life

Michele Morrone’s current sentimental status is shrouded in a ‘mystery’. Having ascertained that the actor was married to a beautiful woman, it is not known whether he is engaged now or not. Her face, of course, was compared to a Amici dancer, but it would seem that she arrived immediately after the denial. To date, therefore, it is not known whether Michele’s heart is free or not.

michele morrone bad episode
Michele bad episode. Credits: Mediaset Play

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