Michele Morrone has a new (very young) girlfriend: who she is and what she does in life

Michele Morrone is engaged to a girl much younger than him. That’s who it is, the relationship is now there for all to see.

Now loved by women all over the world, without a shadow of a doubt Michael Morrone is becoming a highly regarded sex symbol. He begins his career with some role for the small screen, he is known in the series for Rai 1 with Luca Argentero, Sirens, as the handsome newt Ares, but now he has everyone under his feet since he landed on the platform stream Netflix. Between one film and another, the face of hers pops up fiancée, there are no doubts.

Michele Morrone (Credits: @iammichelemorroneofficial)- Sologossip

For his interpretation of 365 days Michael Morrone gains international recognition. Anyone recognizes him after playing in the erotic film the role of Massimo Torricelli, also recording the film’s sequel 365 Now. The films are based on the erotic novels by Blanka Lipinska, Polish writer. So behind so much sensuality, there is a woman who stands by her side. What amazes her, however, is not a small detail, it is very young!

Michele Morrone and the new girlfriend: that’s who it is

The actor he’s known for his privacy, he hasn’t always shown his mates over the years. In fact, beyond at the girl’s age, what is upsetting is the fact that he shows himself without filters and censorship in his company. An example is the attendance with one of the most loved dancers of Friends of Maria De Filippi, Elena D’Amario. Many still don’t even know that the two have had a relationship, precisely because of the confidentiality.

But this time, everything changes, Michael Morrone has decided to come out, celebrating this irrepressible love. The girl, however, is different from those had so far. There are some details on his account that they are slowly coming to light. Thus, before any other source can state the truth, those directly involved do it.

Michele Morrone and his girlfriend Moara Sorio
Michelle Morrone girlfriend (Credits: @moara_sorio) – Sologossip

Michele Morrone and 20-year-old girlfriend The actor’s social media speaks volumes more than any other source. Indeed, it is from the different Instagram profiles that it is possible ascertain the news: there are videos and photos in which he appears with her! The new girlfriend is not a familiar face, on the contrary she is so reserved that she has a private Instagram profile and a small following. Her name is Moara Sorio and is 20 years old. She lives in Switzerland and is a financial advisor by profession. Her confirmation comes from one of her latest Instagram stories in which she writes them “Mine Forever”framing her face with a close-up.

The young one is originally from Zurich, and they allegedly met last November. In between visits to the Christmas markets, fans would recognize the actor, and make the discovery of the girlfriend.