Michele Morrone shows himself with an exorbitant price costume: how much it costs

Michele Morrone shows himself with an exorbitantly priced costume: how much does the model worn by the famous actor cost.

He is one of the most beloved actors of the moment. Thanks to the role of Massimo Torricelli in the erotic film 365 he achieved worldwide success, reaching almost 15 million followers on Instagram. Let’s talk about him, Michele Morrone, which will soon return to the scene with the third chapter of the film that tells the story of Massimo and Laura.

Michele Morrone (Credits Instagram)

Meanwhile, the actor continues to be active on his social channels, where he usually posts photos and videos of his days. And, in this period, there is no shortage of costume shots. A shower of likes for the fascinating Apulian artist, who showed off several weeks ago a costume very simple, but super designer. Are you curious to find out more about the white briefs? We reveal everything to you.

Michele Morrone in costume on social media: how much does the white slip cost

A global success, the one achieved by Michele Morrone thanks to the lead role of 365. The Polish thriller based on the best sellers of Blanca Lipinska has conquered everyone and great merit goes to the actor born in Melegnano. Which, in a short time, has become famous all over the world, growing visibly even on social networks. And it is precisely there that, very often, the actor delights fans with shots that contain all the charm of him.

Like those posted in early summer, last June, during a day of sun and relaxation by the pool. For the occasion, Michele Morrone chose a very simple white costume, slip model. As you can read from the attached caption, it is a signed garment Dolce and Gabbana, a brand of which the actor has been the testimonial as a model. How much does the slip with lanyard cost?

As reported by Fanpage, it, on the Maison’s website, the price is 175 euros. And you, what team are you for your days on the beach: boxer swimsuit or briefs?

michele morrone costume
Morrone on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

365, when the third chapter comes out

As we said, the third and final part of the erotic saga starring Michele Morrone is just around the corner. The film, entitled The next 365 days ( The Next 365 days), will be available on Netflix starting from 22 August 2022. Morrone, together with Simone Susinna, who plays Marcelo Nacho Matos in the film, announced it with an Instagram post. A third chapter that arrives only a few months after the release of the second film, available from April 26, 2022. What do we know about the plot of The next 365 days? Not much, but what is certain is that we will see all the main protagonists on stage, including Anna Maria Sieklucka in the role of Laura. The second film in the Polish saga ended with a shooting, during which Laura was shot. But do not worry: she is not dead!