Michelle Hunziker on the relationship with Tomaso Trussardi: the truth is only now emerging

Michelle Hunziker, guest at Verissimo, tells the truth about her relationship with Tomaso Trussardi: how things stand today between the two

Sympathy, skill and humility. Michelle Hunziker it is recognized for all these things as well as for that incredible beauty that never goes unnoticed on the small screen. A television career that has seen her grow as a character on the small screen to make her a much loved presenter today.

Michelle Hunziker, with Tomaso as with Eros: how things stand – Credits: Mediaset Infinity (sologossip.it)

It will soon be back on air on Canale 5 with the new season of Michelle Impossible & Friends and says she is ready and charged for this adventure to be undertaken for the second time. Tireless and talented, she has succeeded with her verve in conquering the public who now follow her undeterred even on social networks.

As a public figure, it is certainly a face that captures attention also for his sentimental past. The previous romance with Eros Ramazzotti before and then marriage and recent separation from Tomaso Trussardi they have seen Michelle Hunziker at the center of gossip headlines. Especially in recent times in which there was talk of a rapprochement between Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi. But things, as revealed by the presenter herself in the latest episode of very trueare very different: check out the truth.

Michelle Hunziker on the relationship with Tomaso Trussardi

Guest in Silvia Toffanin’s Mediaset studio, a very true we saw one Michelle Hunziker extremely excited for all the incredible news that concern her in this period.

Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti is about to give birth to her first child. She would be the first grandchild and a boy in the family and this makes the presenter very happy and excited. Her career is also booming, which at the moment is said to be truly triumphant. It is almost there and she will be back on our screens Michelle Impossible & Friends. In short, a truly rich moment for Michelle Hunziker. But what about instead the relationship with Tomaso Trussardi?

Michelle Hunziker and Silvia Toffanin
Michelle Hunziker unveils her current relationship with Tomaso Trussardi – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

Just a year ago the news of their separation had arrived. Michelle Hunziker herself underlined how painful a separation from the person with whom you believed and hoped to spend your life. To date, however, the presenter has made it known that relations between her and Tomaso Trussardi are said to be more serene.

Attention, it’s not about any backfire. The intent, as Michelle Hunziker herself explained, would be to establish a peaceful relationship made up of a solid bond just like the one she has established with Eros Ramazzotti in recent years. “Have I reached a balance with Tomaso? We are good, the final goal is what I achieved with Eros. I know it takes time, but we are good“: admitted Michelle Hunziker.

And about the possibility of a new love? She wasn’t entirely negative about it, however she did specify that right now her life is rich and beautiful just the way it is.