Michelle Obama in a video of ‘super moms’: “Get vaccinated!”

the former first lady in an ironic commercial with the mothers of celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Zendaya, Jonah Hill

Michelle Obama is back on the pitch to convince more Americans to get vaccinated, with a video of “super moms” shot with the mothers of singers and actors, such as Alicia Keys, Zendaya, Jonah Hill. action, it is stated that the mothers “came together with a message and a mission: to get you vaccinated”.

“And to do so, they will use every power of their mothers book”, he continues, listing the various ‘powers’, among them, “the sense of guilt, blackmail and sending too many messages”. “If this does not work – continues the narrator – they will make use of the last super power of mom: the appeal from the bottom of the heart”.

“You don’t have to be a mother to be a super hero – concludes the video Michelle who is introduced as the mother of Manlia, 23, and Sasha, 20 – you can keep yourself and those around you safe by vaccinating yourself today or taking the recall”. Great supporters of the vaccine, the Obamas in recent months have lent themselves to various messages in support of the immunization campaign, with Barack Obama also recording a video on Tik Tok aimed at young people.