Michelle Obama shares secrets from her 30-year union with Barack Obama

Michelle Obama recently explained how his marriage of more than 30 years works with Barack Obama on the final episode of The Light Podcast.

While talking to the interviewer Oprah Winfreythe former first lady opened up about her marital struggles with two different personalities living under the same roof.

“Barack wants to talk rationally, and I say ‘rational?’” he said.

Michelle added: “I’m more impulsive than Barack.”

“Don’t come to me sensibly, I’m angry! Don’t come at me with your three cartoons, you better get out of here and let me calm down!” explained the author of Becoming.

Michelle revealed that the personality differences between her and her husband also mattered when they were expressed.

“Because her family lived far away and traveled a lot, she had to learn to love from a distance,” she said.

Michelle noted, “And that means more words being said, more love being exchanged, more physical, you know, ‘I love you’.”

And he also noted: “I grew up with everyone within eight blocks of each other, all my aunts and uncles and great uncles and cousins.”

“So, we were together, every weekend, twice a weekend. So, it was like, ‘Bye. I don’t have to tell you that I love you because I’ll see you on Saturday,” Michelle confessed.

The Light We Carry author also added that love, to her, means “showing up and doing laundry, too.”

In the end, Michelle realized that marriage is a work in progress.

“I think more of us need to be honest about the work it takes to build a life with another person,” he concluded.