Michelle Pfeiffer, check the selfie with the sisters: have you ever seen them?

Beautiful and elegant as always, the actress Michelle Pfeiffer shows herself on social networks together with her sisters Dedee and Lori: here they are together.

Michelle Pfeiffer he is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated Hollywood stars. Many of the roles she has played in about 40 years of her career that have made her an authentic icon of world cinema. She was born in California on April 29, 1958, she has British, Dutch, Swedish and German origins!

Michelle Pfeiffer photo with sisters (Credits: Instagram)

Despite the fact that since she was a girl she had ‘the passion’ of journalism and had enrolled in university, Michelle soon decides to abandon that path and begins to do various jobs. Until she one day she decides to participate in the beauty contest Miss Orange County. It is precisely after that victory of hers that she will begin her successful career as an actress and after the first experiences for the small and big screen, it is the role of Elvira Hancock in Scarface alongside the great Al Pacino to make her achieve international success.

If his interpretations have remained in the history of cinema, not everyone knows some details of his private life. For example, do you know what job his parents did? Or how many brothers does she have? Yes, because the beautiful 64-year-old we all admire was born into a large family: she is the second of four children and has an older brother named Rick and two younger sisters one of which is an actress just like her: long ago, Michelle showed up with them in a selfie on Instagram, let’s see them!

Michelle Pfeiffer, that’s who her sisters are: the unmissable shot

Neither Michelle’s mother nor father were part of show business: her father worked as an air conditioning installer while her mother was a housewife. Apparently, however, two of their daughters have shown artistic inclinations. Some do not know that Michelle’s other sister, Dorothy Diane also said Dedeeshe’s an actress.

In the photo we show you we see her to the right of the Hollywood star: red hair, big and eccentric glasses, nice face. Dedee was born in Midway City, January 1, 1964. Among the films and TV series in which she took part we can mention A day of ordinary madness, Something personal, Murder, she wrote, ER – Doctors on the front line. Married three times, it is not known exactly how many children she has.

The other sister is instead Lori, born in 1965: of the three she is the one with the darkest hair and is most similar to Dedee. She has a private Instagram profile, but we can see her in several shots of the two actresses. The three seem very close and happy when they can share some time together.

Michelle Pfeiffer sisters
Michelle Pfeiffer shot with sisters (Credits: Instagram)

Have you seen the Pfeiffer sisters before? And did you know Dedee as an actress?