Michelle Salas: knows how much the fortune that the singer’s daughter achieved without her help

The model and influencer michelle halls The 33-year-old made his own way and achieved fame without the help of his father, the singer Luis Miguel. Although the relationship between them has not been good and has had ups and downs, the blonde has always focused on her career and her profession to achieve her goals.

michelle halls she knew from a very young age what she wanted and was carried away by her passion for fashion. The daughter of Luis Miguel He studied fashion design at the Parsons School of Design, in New York, and did his internships with Carolina Herrera herself. The family of her mother, Stephanie Salas, has a good economic position and also fame, but she did not want to capitalize on it either.

michelle halls She has traveled all over the world parading on the most prestigious catwalks and today there are many international brands that want to have her face as the protagonist in the advertising campaigns of their products related to fashion and beauty.

Michelle Salas. Source: instagram @michellesalasb

michelle halls She accumulates almost two million followers on Instagram alone who do not lose track of her and for them she shares her best looks, poses and travel postcards, but she also does business on social networks and is therefore very active. Her closet also has a high economic value since she keeps important collections that, in the event that she needs to sell, will give her a good return.

Michelle Salas. Source: Terra archive

Only the collection of bags that includes exclusive models from brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, is valued at more than 34 thousand dollars. Yes ok michelle halls He travels constantly, he has two apartments in his name, one in Florida in the city of Miami that is worth 3 million dollars and another in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York that is valued at 5 million foreign currency.