Michelle Salas: this is the favorite perfume of Luis Miguel’s daughter

The model and influencer michelle halls It has become an important figure in the world of fashion. She currently accumulates almost two million followers from all latitudes only in the social network of the little camera and for them she shares her best looks, poses, trips and adventures.

Michelle Salas did not need her father Luis Miguel to succeed in his career and he shows it in every step he takes. The daughter of Stephanie Salas constantly travels the world to be the face of important advertising campaigns for international brands related to the world of trends.

Recently, michelle halls She shared with her huge virtual fandom what her favorite perfume is and many already want to imitate her. It is the fragrance “Very Goog Girl”, one of the most luxurious in the Carolina Herrera line that has an estimated value of 70 dollars.

Michelle Salas. Source: instagram @michellesalasb

“Good girls sometimes do bad things. Are you a good girl?” he wrote. michelle halls on the social network of the little camera next to a photo in which the blonde is seen posing with the fragrance container that is shaped like a red high-heeled shoe.

Michelle Salas. Source: instagram @michellesalasb

favorite perfume of michelle halls It has a very sensual aroma that mixes notes of red currant and lychee, and combines it with an intermediate aroma of rose and notes of vetiver and vanilla. On more than one occasion, Luis Miguel’s daughter has left everyone in love with her with this fragrance.