Michigan high school massacre: Ethan Crumbley parents plead ‘not guilty’

James and Jennifer Crumbley, the young man’s parents Ethan Crumbley, author of the
shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan
, they declared “not guilty” before the judge. The Crumbleys, arrested this morning, are accused of manslaughter in connection with the alleged shooting of their 15-year-old son, which resulted in the death of four students and the wounding of seven others.

According to the Detroit police, who tracked them inside a building, the two “they seemed to be hiding”, after they failed to appear in court, where they were expected yesterday. CNN reports that their lawyers have ensured that the couple intended to “surrender today” to the authorities.

Investigators found that James Crumbley had purchased the gun, which was later used by his 15-year-old son.
four days before the massacre. The bail set by the judge for the couple’s release is $ 500,000 each.