Mickey Mouse, the trailer for the horror film about the Disney character “freed” from copyright has been released

We were wondering until a few hours ago: but Mickey Mouse will end up like Winnie the Pooh, who as soon as he was “freed from the yoke” of copyright became a brutal murderer in the film (which later became a film series, given the enormous success achieved by the first) Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey? Well, we haven’t had time to worry about this Hamlet-like doubt before the answer comes clear and clear: yes, absolutely yes. The fate of the little bear born from AA Milne’s pen is the same as that which now involves Walt Dinsey’s pencil mouse: honey and blood for the first (the film saga is actually called “Blood and Honey”), cheese and blood for the second (so to speak)…

He has not had time to be “freed” from his rights before the king of the empire of the enchanted castle has already transformed into an evil ogre. It happened in the movie trailer Mickey’s Mouse Trap, a clip recently published online that anticipates what we will see in the upcoming slasher film. The most famous mouse in history has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, turning into a waking nightmare. But fortunately for now the version most familiar to us remains untouchable, the recent one which sees Mickey Mouse with a mignon tail and red shorts: in the horror film that we will see (for those who have the courage to accept the Disney mouse in this new horrible guise) , in fact, is the protagonist of the short film Steamboat Williei.e. the archetype of Mickey Mouse from 1928.
That early version of Walt Disney’s most famous character entered the public domain on Monday 1 January, symbolically at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. And independent horror film producers have wasted no time in exploiting it for their own pleasure (and to the displeasure of children and eternal children, i.e. those affected by Peter Pan syndrome. And let’s remember that Peter Pan could also meet the same bloody end as Mickey and Winnie, given that this year she also broke the chains of copyright).

Among the first testimonies of the “profiteering” in a horror key of the iconic characters whose rights protection has lapsed, there is a horror comedy still without a title, which will be directed by director Steven LaMorte (!), and the film Mickey’s Mouse Trap directed by Jamie Bailey, produced by Bailey Phillips Production.

You can watch the trailer of Mickey’s Mouse Trap in the video you find elsewhere, at the head of this article. You can also see it at the bottom.

The horror film starring Mickey Mouse

Clearly the producers of Mickey’s Mouse Trap they were ahead of the game, in the sense that this film had been in the pipeline for a while, given that at the stroke of 2024 they were already ready to publish the trailer on YouTube even before the toast.

Also in this case, as in the one mentioned above involving the director LaMorte, it is a horror-comedy genre. And this time too, Mickey Mouse is the murderer, even if it’s still hard to believe…
The synopsis of Mickey’s Mouse Trap explains the following: “It’s Alex’s 21st birthday, but she’s stuck at the carnival on a night shift, so her friends decide to surprise her, but a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse decides to play a game all his with them. She will have to try to survive.” From these words it is clear that at the basis of everything there is precisely the mechanism of that mousetrap put to title, the mousetrap.

The killer is a person disguised as Mickey Mouse

A bit like what happens in the film series Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, even in this case the murderer in question is not really Mickey Mouse, the original let’s say, but rather a deranged person who disguises himself as Mickey Mouse. He is wearing a T-shirt that resembles a hockey jersey and has his face covered by a Mickey Mouse mask (of the Mickey Mouse from the 1920s, with features more like a rat than a little mouse).
Attack a victim and stalk other characters inside a Chuck E. Cheese-like location (reminiscent of last year’s horror hit Five Nights at Freddy’s).
“There is also a similar awareness to that of Scream regarding the horror genre, with one character predicting that another will be killed by saying, ‘I’ll be right back.’ “Okay, he’s dead… If it was in a horror movie, you would never say ‘I’ll be right back,’ because then… you’re not coming back,'” Kimberly Nordyke notes on The Hollywood Reporter.

The trailer includes the words: “A place to have fun, a place for friends, a place to hunt. The mouse is out.”

The director: “We just wanted to have fun”

The film was directed by Jamie Bailey, who said in a statement: “We just wanted to have fun with it all. I mean, it’s Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie that kills people! It’s ridiculous. We ran with this idea and had fun doing it, and I think it shows.”
The film stars Sophie McIntosh, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, Ben Harris, Damir Kovic, Mackenzie Mills, Nick Biskupek and Simon Phillips and was produced by Paul Whitney, Mark Popejoy, Alexander Gausman and Andrew Agopsowicz, with co-production by Mem Ferda by Filmcore.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap It doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the producers are aiming to release it in March 2024. It’s unclear whether there is already a distributor involved or which platform the producers are aiming for.

LaMorte’s horror comedy quotes precisely Steamboat Willie

As for the other horror project involving Mickey Mouse, director Steven LaMorte tells of a sadistic rat who torments a group of unsuspecting ferry passengers on which the rat works, connecting even more to the plot of the Disney Castle milestone, the short Steamboat Willie in which Mickey Mouse is at the helm of the boat.
Steamboat Willie has brought joy to generations, but underneath that cheerful facade lies the potential for raw, unbridled terror,” LaMorte said in a press release. “It’s a project I’ve dreamed about, and I can’t wait to release this twisted version of this beloved character in the world”.

LaMorte previously directed The Mean Onea horror parody of the Grinch.
“It all comes from our love for these characters,” he said in an interview. “We are all children. We love taking these characters and playing with them in different ways. It’s not a desire to ruin these characters or make a quick buck, but a way to love them, honor them and show them in a new light.”

Disney will fiercely protect newer versions of Mickey Mouse

Disney’s copyright on Steamboat Willie it expired Monday along with the rights to the original versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. But the Anaheim production company still holds the copyright for the later versions – which are also the ones most familiar to us – of his characters.
“Of course, we will continue to protect our rights in more modern versions of Mickey Mouse and other works that remain under copyright, and we will work to preserve against consumer confusion caused by unauthorized use of Mickey Mouse and our other iconic characters,” the company said in a statement released last month.
In this regard, director LaMorte said that the producers are working with a legal team to ensure they stay well within the bounds of the law. “We are doing our own checks to make sure there is no doubt or confusion about what we are doing,” he said. “This is our take on a public domain character. It’s a gripping thrill ride with heart and humor, based on this character everyone knows.”
In his film, the character won’t even be called Mickey Mouse: he’ll go by the name “Steamboat Willie.”

You can watch the trailer of Mickey’s Mouse Trap in the video you find elsewhere, at the head of this article, and in the clip below.