Microchip crisis, Launches (formerly Lenovo): “Reduction of waiting times is coming”

The semiconductor crisis continues to put a strain on various economic sectors, in particular the automotive one, forced to drastically cut production. In September, however, there was a first slowdown: what to expect in the coming months? Gianfranco Lanci, former president of Lenovo, explains this to Sky TG24 Business. VIDEO

“Weeks will continue to shrink slowly. When it comes to semiconductors, it has always been normal to think about lead times of 14-16 weeks. I think in 12 months, we’ll go back to 16-18 weeks, but it’s a gradual process. , almost week by week “. Like this Gianfranco Lanci, former president of Lenovo, to Sky TG24 Business. According to research from Susquehanna Financial Group, delivery times in the current month have increased by one day to around 21.9 weeks from September. For some semiconductors, the lag has contracted significantly.

At the root of the crisis, a wrong calculation. Faced with the various lockdowns, the microchip manufacturers had decided to cut production, convinced that demand would be limited. What happened, however, was the exact opposite: the demand for these materials has increased, driven in particular by smartworking and the massive use of computers and devices. Computers and devices which, let us remember, exploit an important quantity of microchips.

“There are certainly signs of improvement – continues Lanci – due to the fact that some companies are able to produce more, production capacity is being built. Obviously, to set up a semiconductor factory you need certain times: it is very difficult to do it in less than 18- 20 months. To say that we have returned to a normal situation we will have to wait until the third quarter of next year “.

In the episode of Sky TG24 Business on November 8, there is also space for the latest found by Tesla founder Elon Musk, with Enzo Corsello, Country Head Italy Allianz Global Investors.