Microsoft opens up Bing AI to all with GPT-4

No more waiting lists to “talk” to OpenAI’s AI, on the eve of its debut also in Office

Microsoft has removed the waiting list to try out the new artificial intelligence in its Bing search engine, based on OpenAI’s GPT-4. In fact, it is sufficient to subscribe to the “new” Bing, join the waiting list and see your profile approved immediately, without waiting lists. The company commented that at the moment it has decided to open the new technology to everyone, albeit still in beta, to improve it and allow even more people to test and improve it. In fact, OpenAI’s AI knows how to respond based on context and complex speeches, and improves as it is used. It will be the technology behind the next search engines, so much so that Google is also working on something very similar with its Bard.

Microsoft has decided to invest heavily in artificial intelligence, thanks to its agreement with OpenAI (founded by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter). The new AI-powered version of Office will also be revealed in the coming days, and will also expand to other flagship software of the brand in the future, such as Teams, Edge browser, Skype. At the moment, if you want to try Bing Chat with GPT-4, however, you will have limits: a single user can ask no more than 15 questions per session and a maximum of 150 per day.